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Learn about e-commerce from the team behind noon, the Middle East's local digital champion.

noon next: what is it?

Supporting talent development in the region is a founding goal of noon. By launching the noon next program, we hope to engage with a new generation of talent, inspiring students to dream bigger and achieve their goals.

We are inviting students to learn about the world of digital commerce by joining our in-house team on exclusive tours of our massive Customer Fulfillment Centers and corporate offices.

the local digital champion

Starting in 2017 with noon.com, the region’s homegrown e-commerce platform and leading online shopping destination, noon is now a digital ecosystem of products and services - noon, noon Grocery, noon Food, noon Minutes, NowNow, SIVVI, noon VIP, noon payments, and noon pay.

noon has built the Middle East's largest delivery network

We deliver millions of yellow packages to over 450 cities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

Our mission: to be the best place to buy and sell things.

Our vision? To accelerate the digital economy of the Middle East,

empowering regional talent and businesses to meet the full range of consumers' online needs. 

Can you help us achieve our bold mission?

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